Tips when choosing a photographer for your wedding


So you haven’t chosen your photographer yet for your wedding and you’re not sure where to start. There are a lot of us out there aren’t there? Well, here are some tips for you which will hopefully give some clarity to choosing the best photographer for you. That is the main point here, it has to be the best photographer for you because not everyone is the same and not one wedding is the same. Which is why my number one tip, although important, shouldn’t be I believe the only reason for choosing your photographer.


Someone you work with knows someone else who recently got married and they really rated their photographer – great you have that photographers name and web. Even better you went to a wedding last summer and actually met your best friends photographer – you were one of the bridesmaids so saw at first hand what the photographer was like and saw all the pics afterwards. Your friend highly recommended the photographer and the way they worked before during and after the wedding was professional and friendly.. Your future parent-in-law have a friend who is a photographer, great your sorted. Beware – although it’s good to have recommendations it would still be advisable to look at the other tips below.



This is a tricky one as we all have to start somewhere, but to a degree you should be looking at how much experience a photographer has had. Their fee should also reflect their education and experience as well as what they have to offer. Look at how much they charge. Most photographers will base a proportion of their fee on how much experience they have had. Yes of course everyone has to start somewhere and although they may have a degree in photography, shooting a wedding is another kettle of fish altogether. I was totally lucky to be given the chance to shoot my first wedding by this lovely couple below but I certainly didn’t charge them over £1000 or anywhere near that.  I remember I was so nervous I slept for about two hours the previous night lying awake going through my mind all the what if’s, writing lists and checking my equipment over for the umpteenth time. So what I am suggesting is, give someone a chance if you want to, we are all newbies at some time in our lives but know what you are paying for – ask to see previous work they have done even if it was as a second shooter at a wedding or maybe in a different genre – family or event photography…..and if you want someone with years of experience expect to pay considerably more but consider these tips first




Photographers have a style and quite often they describe that style on their website. Light and airy, dark and moody, reportage, traditional, formal – these are all descriptions of photography styles, some styles are a mixture. It’s best to find a photographer that fits the style you like – or perhaps you just simply like their photography. Maybe they capture the emotion and atmosphere of the day more than other’s and this is important to you or maybe they capture those wow factor images with the couple in iconic poses as the sunsets behind.  Be sure to look at as many photos as possible to get an overall gist of their style or type of capture.


Tip number 4 leads on nicely from tip number 3. Whilst browsing and  getting a general feel for their style and way of shooting, look out for how consistent the images are. The images shown on Instagram and a website are going to be the photographer’s best images they have, make sure that there are enough really good images to fill an album from the start to the end of the wedding,( not just a few here and there) – a perfect story from beginning to end.



I believe this is one of the most important things to consider when choosing your photographer. As well as loving to hear about your plans for your wedding day I really recommend meeting with my couples before they decide to choose me so they are definitely happy that we click and are a good match. It is really important I believe to feel comfortable with your photographer, after all we spend a large proportion of your day together and are present during some very personal moments of your life. 


It’s always a good idea to ask a few important questions either when you meet your photographer or in a email. In the case of unforeseen circumstances – do they have a back up photographer? Many photographers have other professional photographer friends that they can call upon at the last minute – that is one huge advantage of having many photographers in the wedding industry. Are they insured ? Personal liability is hugely advisable for any event and people photographer to have. It’s always worth jotting a few questions like this down.